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Baby sign language is a simple series of signs that allows babies and toddlers to communicate with their parents and carers before they learn to speak. 

Baby sign is suitable for all babies from about 6 months old - a natural stage in infant development when babies start to use symbolic gestures like waving, pointing and nodding. However it is never too early to sign with your baby, and the benefits last well into toddlerhood and beyond. Our baby sign classes are aimed at babies between 3-23 months and our toddler classes are aimed at toddlers of 2 and 3 years old. We also teach a fantastic preschool course, so do get in touch if your creche, preschool or montessori would be interested in finding out more.

While signing  can be especially beneficial for infants with hearing or communication difficulties, it is fantastic for ALL babies, and has been shown to encourage language development.


Other benefits include an increased parent-child bond, accelerated speech, enriched communication, decreased frustration, and improved self-esteem for both parent and child.

At SuperHands, we use ISL (Irish Sign Language), teaching babies and carers simple signs such as 'hungry', 'milk', and 'tired' to help little ones communicate emotions and desires, and to name objects before they can say the words. 

You and baby can start to sign together today using our NEW online Baby Sign courses, our book, our award-winning mobile app



Why sign with your baby?



There are many benefits to signing with your baby, let us outline a few.

Baby sign language can:

  1. Reduce tantrums and frustration, allowing your baby to feel (s)he is understood

  2. Increase the bond between parent and baby

  3. Accelerate speech; research shows that babies who sign tend to talk earlier than non signers

  4. Let parents have a better understanding of their baby’s wants, needs and personality

  5. Enhance baby’s self-expression, confidence and self-esteem

  6. Stimulate intellectual development and improve memory

  7. Be a lot of fun!

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Why sign with your baby?


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